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说明: 1, realize the unification of the power station equipment operation monitoring, centralized management of data, for operators and maintenance personnel, management personnel to provide comprehensive, convenient and differentiated data and services.2, become load-bearing system of power station equipment, for the planning of power plant equipment, new equipment access carrier.3, establish a unified database, all sorts of professional monitoring system for monitoring platform and other data services.Photovoltaic power station monitoring system main functions:Real-time data acquisition and processingControl operation and synchronous detectionThe establishment and maintenance of the databaseAlarm processingSequence of events recordingHistory of parametric curvesGenerate and display pictureOnli...
说明: As the new energy scale solar power station construction and put into operation in succession, need focus on the operation situation of photovoltaic power station monitoring, storage, analysis, display, and other functions, to master the photovoltaic power station operation management and operation experience, economic operation of photovoltaic power station and the future of photovoltaic power station design to provide substantial scientific basis.Existing photovoltaic power station monitoring system is mainly composed of different local manufacturers, mainly from their respective system architecture, some of the power station running parameter monitoring, it is difficult to achieve the unity of the man-machine interface, also can't fault diagnosis based on certain information and judgmen...
案例名称: 国电大武口项目
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