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Lightsource Renewable Energy claims one third of 2013 UK solar capacity

Date: 2013-03-25
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Insiders said that the industrial structure changes favorable market mature

Taiwan's largest flat panel maker AU Optronics Malaysia Malacca City stepping up construction of a world-class high efficiency solar cell factory, the plant will cost $ 1.3 billion, completed in 2013, it will become the largest of the kind in the world factory.

 Asian technology companies have invested in the solar industry in Malaysia is just a microcosm. Large Group believes that the global solar industry is in the beginning of the economic breakthrough. The entry of the cash-rich regional companies in South Korea and Taiwan, may also trigger this fragmented industry to achieve integration.

The world's largest contract chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Taiwan's largest solar cell maker Motech 20% of the shares acquired in 2009, is now building Taiwan's first solar cell factory. South Korea's Samsung said last year, the company plans to invest $ 6 billion in the next 10 years to the solar cell industry. The world's largest contract electronics product manufacturers, Taiwan's Hon Hai has also said that the company is considering investing in the solar cell industry.

Report jointly released by the European Photovoltaic Industry Association and Greenpeace, said that by 2015, the global solar industry's annual investment may double in the current 34 billion euros on the basis of up to 70 billion euros.

The past few years, the solar industry rapid growth of new installed capacity has doubled, from about 7,000 MW in 2009 to 15,000 MW last year. $ 4 per megawatt average prices, the market size of close to $ 60 billion. However, the commercial viability of solar energy, still depend on the subsidies provided by the Government as the largest solar markets such as Germany and Italy.

Analysts and corporate executives believe that the wide application of solar energy only appear in reach "grid parity", that is, the cost of solar power is reduced to a considerable level with conventional power generation. AUO Solar Business Group Vice President Chen Jianbin said, can reach grid parity in Europe in three years. He said: "In the last two or three years, the industry (structure) will still be a lot of dynamic change, but then the market will be more mature if we wait until that time re-entering the market it will be too late."

Jianbin accustomed to manage large-scale production activities and complex supply chains of large technology manufacturing enterprise participation may make the cost down faster.

In addition, the arrival of these new investments, due to the reduction of government subsidies lead to oversupply, the solar industry is expected to usher in a hard year.

Sunil Gupta, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, said he expects shipments of solar industry will ever fell for the first time this year, a drop of 12%. Most analysts expect there will be slow growth, rather than a real decline.

Credit Suisse analyst, Bradley said, the long-term point of view, the integration of the solar industry is inevitable. He said: "As the market gradually larger, successful companies will need economies of scale to go it alone solar companies may face a more competitive environment in the future.

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