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Day nuclear crisis or provide a huge space for PV development

Date: 2011-05-14
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 The wall sweet photovoltaic domestic incense "nuclear power

 Tianwei New Energy is a photovoltaic power generation products and the rapid growth of the state-owned holding enterprises, has a pivotal position in the global PV market, among the ranks of the world's ten largest solar cell manufacturer, but the company's products are all exported to U.S. and European markets, little domestic orders, which is currently the general situation of the photovoltaic industry.

 Tianwei New Energy's market share of the status quo of China's photovoltaic industry market conditions as a microcosm. Related statistics show that China's solar cell production in 2008 over 2000 MW, of which more than 97% of exports, the main export to Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries; 2009 and last year, the proportion of exports has gone down, but still accounts for Jiucheng or more.

 China Electricity Council and the European Photovoltaic Association data show that the total installed capacity of China's power in 2009 to 874,000 MW cumulative PV installed capacity of over 300 MW only, photovoltaic power generation capacity of power total installed capacity of less than four ten thousandths .

 But the pace of development of nuclear power in China's fast is amazing, even the Dongfang Electric Corporation of China's nuclear power equipment manufacturers feel the fast pace of the previous two years more. Peak two years ago, the country approved the construction of nuclear power projects too quickly, that we keep up capacity, foreign manufacturers also need to subcontract some. According to reports, the Dongfang Electric nuclear power orders in hand also has more than 40 billion yuan, of which 1/3 of the orders from the nuclear crisis in Japan national moratorium on the construction of nuclear power projects.

 Adjust the new energy strategy to vigorously promote the application of photovoltaic industry

 After the nuclear crisis in Japan, the new energy industry insiders and expert advice should fully absorb the lessons of the nuclear crisis in Japan, the revaluation of nuclear power risks and environmental costs, and adjustment of the current nuclear power as the most important new energy strategy, vigorously promote the advantages of the energy industry in China photovoltaic power generation in the new the proportion of energy applications.

 A revaluation of the risks and costs of nuclear power, and the adjustment of the new national energy development strategy as soon as possible.

 Is flying the past, we have nuclear energy as a safe, clean energy from the technology evolution and security probability sense, but the nuclear crisis in Japan that the event of unpredictable natural disasters and nuclear accident is inevitable compared with other energy sources, its small accident could be a terrible ecological disaster and difficult to reverse. If these potential risks costing slightly higher cost of photovoltaic power generation on nothing.

 The high ZhengFei said, after Japan's nuclear crisis, the foreign has formed a trend of re-assessment of nuclear power, Germany has shut down seven nuclear power plants, Canada has been initially to give up nuclear power projects in the two plans, recently sent a delegation with Tianwei New Energy approached to Solar equipment change on a solar power generation project. He said that, our country will now be suspended for the new batch of new nuclear power projects, while China Prior to the international community to make a commitment to the goal of control carbon emissions and can not be modified, so it is necessary to adjust our current nuclear for new energy development strategy as soon as possible, and development of photovoltaic, nuclear power, wind power, hydropower coordination both new energy development strategy and specific objectives and implementation plans.

 Second, the practical measures to vigorously promote the application of photovoltaic power generation in the domestic market.

 Photovoltaic electricity price policy "giving birth", insiders and experts believe is the crux of small domestic PV market. Shuangliu County, Sichuan Province, the new energy industry to promote the Director of the Office Pugui Sen said, despite the country has launched herders bright plan "," Golden Sun "subsidies of the photovoltaic power generation, but the installed capacity of small and specific, The temporary subsidy policy with the uncertainty of the domestic PV market application development impetus limited. He suggested that the Government should as soon as possible photovoltaic electricity price policies and regulations, science effectively promote the healthy development of the domestic PV market.

 China Renewable Energy Society, vice president, the photovoltaic branch director of the Solar Energy Society of China Zhao Yuwen, regulations, policies greatest impetus for the early stage of development of the photovoltaic industry. He said that foreign Practice has proved that to develop clear feed-in tariff is the most effective, most operability to promote the application of new energy initiatives, most scientific.

 Third, our existing grid intelligent transformation in order to adapt to the new energy technology applications.

 The high ZhengFei said, China has a vast territory and a large area of the desert, the Gobi, these places are the best place to build photovoltaic power plants, not consume excellent land and resources can guarantee full sunlight. Zhao Yuwen, also said China's annual new construction area is huge, from now there are plans to BIPV, the use of the roof, curtain wall power generation, and can play a very large role in the cause of energy conservation and emission reduction in China.

 But also belongs to a poor ability to regulate energy solar photovoltaic, diurnal variation, changes in weather conditions, as well as the seasons change impact are interested in power generation, its access to put a higher demand on the grid to accept the ability. They believe that the new target for the development of clean energy to achieve an "energy revolution", must establish to adapt to intermittent power generation characteristics of clean energy, with information technology, automation, interactive "smart grid" characteristic.

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