Integration of DC charging machine
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Integration of DC charging machine
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Integration of DC charging machine

Listing Date: 2016-02-24


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This system will charger, rechargeable interface, the man-machine interface, communication and integration as a whole, a part of billing is suitable for outdoor dc fast charging for electric cars.
The system characteristics
To adapt to the super voltage input and output, wide range of input voltage 380 vac plus or minus 20%, with 200-750 VDC full range of dc output voltage. The adjustable current voltage output in order to satisfy the requirement of different types of batteries.
With intelligent air cooling system, choose charging system of strict device of long life.
Adopts advanced DSP technology, powerful operation and control functions to make the whole system intelligent energy-saving efficient operation.
With ac input over/under voltage protection, over temperature protection, dc output over/under voltage, over current/short circuit protection, output protection from irrigation, stop, and lightning protection, hot-swappable maintenance functions such as a variety of optional charging ways, support the 3 g wireless transmission module, the mobile phone APP may at any time to watch the rechargeable battery charging time of charging, etc., to support mobile payments, credit card payment, billing system has perfect accuracy
With functions of waterproof, dustproof, easy installation and debugging, comprehensive characteristics of humanized design, easy operation and provide voice operation guidelines.
Strong compatibility, in view of the different types of automobile charging system single and double gun, a gun can be arbitrary load for a car charger or double gun polling to recharge. Double charge mode can balance the load to double car charging at the same time.







Ac input voltage

AC380V plus or minus 20% three-phase five line 3 w + N + PE

Ac input frequency


Dc output voltage


Voltage regulation accuracy


Accuracy of steady flow


Ripple coefficient


The power factor


Effective rate



TFT LCDColor touch screen

Charge Jack

1 or 2 (single or double gun gun)


Support mobile payment and RFID card, IC card, CPU card is optional

Cooling way

Intelligent air cooling

Protection grade


Communication interface

CAN/RS485 / optional Ethernet, GPRS wireless network interface

Working environment temperature


environment humidity




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