Off-grid inverter portable
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Off-grid inverter portable
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Off-grid inverter portable

Listing Date: 2016-03-09
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70 w dc output uninterruptible power system
Three groups of bulb socket
1 x 12 v dc fan connectors
Accept PWM solar battery charging or mains charging
Equipped with 3 x 5 v USB charging port, suitable for mobile phone or action
Shutdown function of charging
Overload protection (battery mode) and short circuit protection
A three-stage charging design can extend battery life
Optional 2 cm wire lamp holder








Photovoltaic (pv) input

The largest photovoltaic dc input voltage

30 VDC

The largest solar charging current

2 A

AC output

The rated voltage

230 VAC

Rated frequency

50/60 Hz (to be automatic induction)

The output

2 needle socket output voltage

Output voltage (communication mode)

230 VAC

Output voltage (battery mode)

160 – 230 VDC± 10%

Output waveform (battery mode)

Dc output

Dc output

12VDC 2A × 1pc

USB charger (output)

5VDC 1A × 3pcs

The battery and charge

The battery type and quantity

12V 7Ah × 1 External battery (optional)

The battery voltage 12 v

12 VDC

Floating voltage of

13.7V ± 1.5%

Shutdown voltage


Typical charging time

Eight hours back up to 90% capacity

The total charging current

1 or 2 (select)



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