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 Integration of solar
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Integration of solar

Listing Date: 2016-03-09
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JTEV - integrated solar LED street lamp design for the development of new rural construction, but also suitable for road lighting. Through the integration of innovative design, integrated in the modelling of elegant light all the core components of the solar lamp and intelligent sensors, human body in the ascension of lighting energy efficiency at the same time reduces the energy consumption. By selecting the environmental protection and corrosion resistance of the material, the integration of solar street light has created many times the service life of the lead-acid battery and extreme simple installation, greatly expand the connotation and denotation of the solar street light.
JTEV - LED is to rewrite the definition of the solar street lamps, a major upgrade, adopt new technologies including MPPT (maximum power tracking) charging management, a new optimization of light distribution and multi-platform wireless control system, etc., for the street lamp group management, custom work mode, remote real-time control provide flexible solution


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