Electric car charging station
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Electric car charging station
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Electric car charging station

Listing Date: 2016-02-24
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Charging station monitoring system set up more workstations that are hot backup and data server, set up large web server in order to access different types of communication system, is the operator to implement process management and control interaction of the man-machine interface. This system mainly complete the charging station control command operation and emergency handling capabilities in a system failure. Including the management of the entire station computer monitoring system, database management, online calculation function, all kinds of chart, curve generation, voice alarm and GPS time setting, etc. For large network server system, the system to the remote computer phone APP provides accurate power plant data.
Control room for the use of operations management personnel at the same time, provide graphical display, total station operation monitoring, control command, real time operation or timing print, setting and change the way of working, etc. The operation control of the total station all mouth can be implemented by the mouse and keyboard and has friendly man-machine interface.






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