Charging DC electrical source module
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Charging DC electrical source module
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Charging DC electrical source module

Listing Date: 2016-03-08

Technical characteristics
1. The power supply module adopts three-phase three-wire system 380 vac input plus or minus 20%, DSP digital decoupling control, with APFC function, high power factor, low harmonic current, good electromagnetic compatibility.
2. The three level of the whole bridge DC/DC topology isolation transformation, digital control, digital synchronous flow technology, high efficiency, low ripple, large range of voltage regulation.
More than 3. With intelligent power module, the module of parallel N + X redundancy distributed control system, the current inequality degree is less than 5%, single module fault does not affect the system running.
4. The new intelligent management, intelligent module scheduling, can choose according to the size of the load current automatically start the module number, greatly extend the life of the module, to reduce the loss of the system and improve the operation efficiency, reduce energy consumption.
5. The comprehensive protection measures, emergency stop, over current, short circuit and reverse connection protection. Electrical insulation protection measures of lightning protection and highly reliable, ensure the security of the system. 6: using the advanced technology To adopt new encapsulation structure, to achieve further small, thin and large capacity power module.

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JTEV - 15 k series electric vehicle charging power supply module is my company design and manufacture for charging stati