Single-phase ac charging
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Single-phase ac charging pile
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Single-phase ac charging pile

Listing Date: 2016-03-08
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JTEV - AC AC charging pile is a product of our company independent research and development, and electric cars, car charger, slow charging for electric cars. In large and medium-sized cities of high-grade residential area, CBD, shopping centers and other facilities planning intelligent charging pile.
APP we have complete operating system, can access any other manufacturer of charging system, provide the perfect electric cars filling, let no longer worry about life, and so on, driving one car to drive to provide more fun to live.
Has remote monitoring, mobile payment, automatic charging pile settlement, APP for pile, appointments and navigation function of charging management platform, hardware and software system, and some products provide users with better service experience. Thinking in the company from the Internet, through the operating system + APP O2O model to provide users with advanced charging solutions, provide operators with accurate data, get more solutions and benefits.
May be planning a certain number of new energy parking or standby parking, install my company supporting electronic remote control parking lock, new energy vehicles to stop, built-in GPS, together with network APP at any time to view parking situation and smart reminder, greatly convenient operation parking management. Charging increase efficiency, improve service quality and get better returns.
Ac charging pile into wall, floor type two kinds, specifically for small electric car with a car charger for communication. Charging pile big LCD screen can be configured to provide high quality video media services dynamically. Provide rich advertising service for operators.




The input voltage



output voltage



output current




Wall ac charging pile

Floor type ac charging pile


LCD display + buttons

Charge Jack

One or two


Support the RFID card, IC card, CPU card support, such as mobile Internet payment

Protection grade


operating ambient temperature


Relative Humidity


communication interface

CAN/GPRS/RS485 / RS232 interface such as optional

Software APP

Android iOS system

Product characteristics (optional)

Bluetooth, GPS, wi-fi, GSM, etc

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